The design and fitting-out process involves the following 4 stages:

  • Concept Development and Preliminary Proposal

    1. briefing by client
    2. study of work flow and inventory of existing furniture suitable for re-use
    3. development of initial layout plan, materials & finishes, time schedule and cost estimate
    4. presentation of full proposal to client for evaluation
    5. award of contract by client

  • Planning and Design Development

    1. refinement of design concept, development of detailed design plans and agreement on materials and finishes
    2. coordination with building management, nominated contractors, consultants and suppliers
    3. preparation of working drawings or tender documents
    4. preparation and submission of quotation

  • Construction and Installation

    1. fitting-out of the space
    2. on-site supervision of contractors & suppliers
    3. regular reporting to client on progress
    4. cleaning and preparation of space for move-in
    5. defect correction, as necessary

  • Signature Design Services Limited services include:

    1. Space analysis
    2. Site measurement
    3. Space planning
    4. Conceptual design
    5. project management
    6. general construction
    7. purchasing